Synology Cloud²

Small Step, Big Protection

C2 Backup

Important data can be lost due to hardware failure, human errors, or any other disasters. Synology C2 Backup ensures data availability in the cloud. With only a small fee, you will be enjoying the advantages of scheduled backups, multi-version support, and granular restoration at the file level to any operating system, including DSM.

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C2 Disaster Recovery

Securing SMB/AFP/File Station/FTP file service is essential for mission-critical production environments. Maximize business continuity with important data replicated to Synology C2 in a hassle-free setup process, without having to maintain a physical offsite storage. In the event of local storage failure, Synology C2 Disaster Recovery can be manually activated to ensure SMB/AFP/File Station/FTP file service continuity.

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Synology protects your data, anywhere

Your investment optimized

After you invest in a NAS as a file server to protect your data, there might still be a possibility of data loss in the event of human errors or any other disasters. Synology C2 offers our NAS users a plan for data availability on the cloud, thus maximizing business continuity.

Streamlined user experience

Synology C2 provides a uniformed interface and user experience just like in DSM, requiring only a minimal learning curve. The intuitive design and graphic presentation of data create a smooth interaction, making all information easy to track.

Data and service protection expertise

Synology is an expert in data and service protection. Starting with private cloud services, we have a long history of providing reliable IT solutions for our customers. Now we are ready to step into the public cloud sector and take data protection to the next level.