C2 Backup

Extend data protection from your Synology NAS to the cloud

Complete your backup experience

Synology C2 Backup is a backup service on Synology Cloud² (Synology C2) for both enterprise and home users. With additional copies of your important files stored on Synology C2, data safety and availability can be ensured when a disaster happens.

One-stop service

With Synology NAS plus Synology C2 Backup, we offer a comprehensive solution, including service consulting, technical support, and RMA, guiding you through each step of your data protection journey.

Affordable cloud data protection

For any IT team, the lease of a data center together with other hardware investment and extra human resources can definitely be a financial burden. Saving a sufficient cost, C2 Backup offers you an affordable plan as well as comprehensive feature sets.

More than what you pay for

We charge only for storage capacity used by the latest files stored on Synology C2. Enjoy  download to any destination, file-level restoration, and multiple historical file versions without any additional cost.

Secure important data at military-grade level

You can safeguard your important data from illicit access while being transmitted or stored by enabling military-grade AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption technologies.

Without the private key, which only you know, your important data stored on Synology C2 cannot be deciphered by anyone, not even by Synology.

Backup and restore, just like in DSM

With the same backup flexibility and intuitive user interface of DSM, C2 Backup amplifies your backup experience.

Schedule backup tasks

With Synology C2 Backup, your backup tasks can run automatically at a scheduled point of time, or repeat on a desired schedule in order not to affect company's production.

Maintain file history

The advantage of multi-version support in Synology C2 Backup offers multiple recovery points of data. You can easily browse through different previous file versions via the C2 Backup explorer.

Granular file restoration

Synology C2 Backup provides file-level restoration for greater flexibility. Retrieve a specific file you need without restoring everything in the same backup task and save your precious time.

Keep your data always available

Even without a Synology NAS, you are still able to access important data stored on Synology C2 from any platform with great flexibility.

Frequently asked questions


What will happen to my data when Synology C2 Beta program ends?
A notification email will be sent to you at least a week before the termination of the Beta program. To continue using Synology C2, please purchase Synology C2 subscription online. Your service will be terminated and your data will be deleted automatically if the purchase is not completed.
What do I need to use Synology C2 Backup?
You need a Synology Account and a physical Synology NAS server installed with DSM 6.0 (or above) and Hyper Backup 2.0.3 (or above).
How do I terminate my service on Synology C2?
The function of terminating Synology C2 service will be available in the official release. During the beta period, please contact Synology Support for service termination.


Can I back up files from my desktop/laptop computer?
No, data can only be backed up from Synology NAS servers via Hyper Backup.
Can I back up files from multiple Synology NAS servers to C2 Backup?
Yes, data stored on multiple Synology NAS servers can be backed up to the same C2 Backup account's storage space.
How long does it take for the first-time backup?
Backup speed is determined by Internet bandwidth, network traffic, the amount of files to be backed up, and other factors. Therefore, a specific speed for backing up files to C2 Backup cannot be guaranteed. In general, with a 20 Mbps upload speed, it may take about 3 days to transfer 500 GB data.

Storage Space

What do I need to do when my storage space runs out?
During the Beta program, C2 Backup provides 1TB free storage space for each Beta program participant. Additional storage space can be purchased in the official release if needed.

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