C2 Identity

C2 Identity

Secure your organization with centralized identity and device management

Easy management from the cloud

Access the admin console from a browser to manage individual or groups of user accounts. Let users manage their own credentials and personal information through a self-service portal.

Smooth user onboarding

Easily grant or revoke user access to company resources with group management.

Smooth user onboarding

Instant directory migration

Easily migrate users from an LDAP server, Windows AD server, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or by importing a CSV file.

Instant directory migration

Convenient self-service portal

Free up IT teams' workloads by letting users reset their password, secondary email address, phone number, address, and more.

Convenient self-service portal

Secure and seamless access

Create on-premises LDAP servers for fast local authentication. Streamline authentication for SaaS applications with SSO and user account provisioning.

On-premises authentication

C2 Identity's low-latency hybrid architecture lets you authenticate locally through an LDAP server for fast offline authentication.

Easy deployment

Deploy an on-premises LDAP server node using a Synology NAS, or as a Docker container.

Fast authentication

Authenticate services locally through an LDAP server without needing to connect to the cloud.


SaaS application integration

Leverage SSO and user account provisioning to streamline SaaS account creation and authentication while improving security and convenience.

Native integration

Support for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace means you can set up SSO and automatic account creation for efficient onboarding.

One identity

C2 Identity supports SSO through SAML 2.0 to provide more customized app integration options.

User portal

Launch connected applications with a single click from a personalized user application portal.

SaaS application integration

All devices from one portal

Administer your entire organization's Windows and macOS workstations and provision new devices from a centralized console.

Learn more about the platforms we support.

Quick deployment

Manage thousands of devices by installing the agent to workstations individually or at scale through Windows AD or Jamf.

Policy enforcement

Improve security across devices by enforcing policies, including disabling USB storage, configuring screenlock settings, and more.

Task execution

Deploy custom scripts across multiple devices to simplify installing software, performing maintenance, generating compliance reports, and more.

Missing device protection

Protect sensitive data by remotely shutting down, wiping, or locking a device.

Enhanced security

Protect all user credentials on C2 Identity with the Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol and complex password requirements.

Secure credential protection

C2 Identity communicates with clients using SRP, a secure zero-knowledge password protocol. SRP generates a secure encryption key and provides authentication without ever sending password-equivalent data over the network, thereby protecting against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Customize password requirements

Protect user identities by enforcing complex passwords and enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTPs).

Customer stories

See how these organizations achieved more with Synology.

"With C2 Identity, not only can we manage employee accounts more centrally but also set up their devices more easily in less time."

Tong, Office Manager, SAT Knowledge

"C2 Transfer’s end-to-end encryption helps our organization upload confidential files to external servers more securely. In addition, one-time password protection through email or phone further reduces our worries about data leaks."

KL, Product Manager, Ganzin Technology Inc.

Simplify access business-wide

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Activate your cloud directory today

Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available with data residency in the EU, US, or APAC. Prices shown below do not include VAT.

Data center
Data center
Number of usersUp to 250From 10
(+$19.99/year or $1.99/month per additional user)
Max. number of cloud applications52500
Max. number of devices102500
Max. number of edge servers

infoEdge servers support on-premises service authentication even without internet connection

Cloud applications integration
Google Workspace integration
Microsoft 365 integration
Customized SAML SSO Integration
Shared accounts support

infoForget sharing passwords of shared application accounts with colleagues. Let users sign in with their company user accounts (which double as their personal C2 accounts).

Device management
Offline authentication
Group policies

infoEnforce policies across different devices, including disabling USB storage and configuring screenlock settings.

Coming Soon
Cloud directory
Identity lifecycle management

infoSeamlessly change user access rules following employee role changes, transfers, or terminations.

Flexible access privileges

infoGrant and revoke access to devices and cloud applications through user and group settings.

Self-service portal

infoSupports self-service password recovery, 2FA configuration, and personal information management.

Secure Remote Password (SRP)
Password strength rules
Auto Block

infoHave accounts automatically blocked after a set number of failed login attempts.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)Time-based one-time password (TOTP) at login and when accessing devices or applications.Time-based one-time password (TOTP) at login and when accessing devices or applications.

Simplify access business-wide

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