C2 Object Storage

Simple, scalable, and affordable cloud object storage with S3 compatible APIs.

Simple and transparent pricing

C2 Object Storage is a cost-effective alternative that has a simple, predictable, and flexible pricing structure

Competitive pricing

At just $6.99/TB per month, C2 Object Storage costs a fraction of alternatives

Free data retrieval

Retrieve all the data you have stored for free every month.

No hidden fees

No API request or data deletion fees makes estimating monthly costs easier.

Simple and transparent pricing

See above for a comparison of the price for 1 TB total storage space with 1 TB of data downloaded each month over one year.1

All you need is C2 Object Storage

Create a sophisticated object storage architecture to store your organization’s unstructured data at scale.

All you need is C2 Object Storage

Compatible with Amazon S3 API

Use your existing tools and code as our API is S3-compatible.

All you need is C2 Object Storage

Globally available and reliable

Store your data in our EU, US, and APAC data centers with 99.999999999% data durability.

Build a data lake

Run big data analytics and machine learning processes to unlock data insights.

Backup and restore

Protect data stored on servers or apps with robust backup features.

Archive data

Move data to archives and retrieve flexibly.

Elevate your data management and protection

Versioning: enhancing data protection and recovery
Object Lock: ensuring data immutability and compliance
Versioning: enhancing data protection and recovery
Object Lock: ensuring data immutability and compliance

Intuitive file browser

Upload multiple files with simple drag-and-drop selection and manage all your content from a straightforward web portal.

Intuitive file browser

C2 Express Box

Transfer the initial bulk of your data to C2 Object Storage using a physical storage device, with C2 Express Box, a fast and secure way to move large quantities of data. Contact us for C2 Express Box options.

C2 Express Box
Partnered with Veeam

Partnered with Veeam

C2 Object Storage is certified as Veeam Ready - Object. This means our cloud object storage meets the compatibility and performance standards set by Veeam.

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How reliable is C2 Object Storage?

Additional resources

Check our product tutorials, FAQs, and a blog about our object storage service.

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  1. The prices shown here are an estimate based on prices in US dollars, excluding VAT. Prices were taken directly from providers' websites in April 2022:
    Amazon S3 (US region): US$0.023/GB/month for storage, US$0.085/GB for data downloads.
    Microsoft Azure (US region): US$0.018/GB/month for storage, US$0.065/GB for data downloads.
    Google Cloud (US region): US$0.02/GB/month for storage, US$0.08/GB for data downloads.