C2 Password

Securely store and access your password and login information from any device with our powerful password manager.

Manage passwords with ease

Generate passwords automatically and store them safely to simplify credential management across all your devices.

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Secure items

Store passwords and other sensitive data such as addresses, banking information, and passport details while keeping everything organized through categories, tags, and favorites.

Secure items

Password generator

Check the strength of passwords as you create them or let C2 Password generate complex combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols for you.

Password generator

Enjoy a seamless online experience

Always have your credentials on hand when you need them, no matter what device you are using.

Unlimited cross-device syncing

Add items on one device and access them from anywhere through handy mobile apps, convenient browser extensions, or the C2 Password website.

Password autofill

Have saved credentials automatically filled in at login screens — no more having to remember a different password for each service. Learn more

Enjoy a seamless online experience

Keep every password strong and safe

Boost your online security with C2 Password. Identify compromised, weak, and reused passwords in your vaults, receive personalized recommendations, and ensure 2FA is enabled. Protect your digital identity with ease.

Keep every password strong and safe

Make sharing simple and secure

Let others access a selection of items without incurring in the risk of exposing them thanks to a secure architecture that protects privacy.

Share with others
Protect sensitive information

Securely manage employee login credentials

Safeguard your business with C2 Password Business, leveraging C2 Identity user management capabilities. 1

Employee management made easy
Share passwords safely
Seamless login to web applications

Security is our top priority

Achieve peace of mind knowing that only you and those you trust can access your private information on C2 Password.

End-to-end encryption

All data is protected through AES-256 encryption before it even leaves your device. Data traveling to and stored on C2 servers is fully encrypted, achieving comprehensive protection throughout the entire process.

Designed for security

The key used to encrypt and decrypt your data is stored on your devices and is never shared — not even with Synology C2 servers.

Security is our top priority

Get C2 Password for all your platforms

Start accessing your credentials from anywhere, at any time — at no additional cost.

Customer stories

See how these organizations achieved more with Synology.

"Before using C2 Password, I often had to reset my students' passwords. Besides being time consuming, it prevented us from focusing on our work. C2 Password fixed all this, helping our students understand the importance of privacy and credential safekeeping along the way."

Samir Buric, Professor and Lecturer, Electrical and Wood Processing High School of Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"C2 Transfer’s end-to-end encryption helps our organization upload confidential files to external servers more securely. In addition, one-time password protection through email or phone further reduces our worries about data leaks."

KL, Product Manager, Ganzin Technology Inc.

Additional resources

Check our security white paper, product tutorials, FAQs, and blog posts about password management.

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  1. C2 Password Business features are only available with a C2 Identity Business subscription.