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Transparent pricing

C2 Object Storage does not charge extra fees for data upload, download, or deletion. All you need to pay for is storage, which means that you won't be paying to access your data.

Data center
Price does not include VAT.1

Cloud storage cost comparison

We do not charge for downloading up to the amount of storage you subscribed to each month. Additional data downloads may incur charges. The total costs are a fraction of those charged by alternatives.

C2 Object Storage
C2 Object Storage
Amazon S3
Amazon S3
Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform

The prices are an estimate of the total balance of charges over one year in US dollars excluding VAT. Prices may differ by region and depending on the total amount of storage bought.2

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Check our product tutorials, FAQs, and a blog about our object storage service.

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  1. VAT rates are calculated based on your billing address at checkout.

  2. Prices taken directly from providers' websites in April 2022:
    Amazon S3 (US region): US$0.023/GB/month for storage, US$0.085/GB for downloads.
    Microsoft Azure (US region): US$0.018/GB/month for storage, $0.065/GB for downloads.
    Google Cloud (US region): US$0.02/GB/month for storage, US$0.08/GB for downloads.