C2 Transfer

C2 Transfer

Optimize your file sharing process to be faster, more secure and reliable with our comprehensive file transfer service.

A better way to send files

Break free of the limitations of email clients and chat services, and start sending files more conveniently and securely.

Send large files

Say goodbye to transfers failed due to size limitations. C2 Transfer helps you focus on what truly matters, spending less time on technical issues.

Keep control over your files

Restrict recipients' access to the files by setting expiration dates and download limits, ensuring control over your important documents at each stage of the process.

A better way to send files

As intuitive as it gets

Receive and request files from anyone by sending them a simple and secure link. Transfers are secure, as all files are encrypted before being sent.

File transfer



Upload the files, select who can access them, and share the transfer link.



Open the link, verify your identity through a one-time password (OTP), and download the files.

File request



Select who you wish to receive files from and share the transfer link.



Open the link, verify your identity through a one-time password (OTP), and upload the files.


Tighten control over documents and minimize the risk of data leaks with intuitive content protection features.

Protect your privacy

Add watermarks with text, an image, or the receiver’s email address to photos and PDF documents.

Simple setup

Apply watermarks to multiple files at once, eliminating repetitive work and speeding up the transfer process.

Integrate with Outlook

Enable seamless and secure document sharing on Microsoft Outlook with C2 Transfer.

Overcome email limitations

Go beyond what you can do with email attachments and share files without worrying about size limitations.

Create sharing links easily

Leverage C2 Transfer's simple and secure sharing process to send traceable sharing links in seconds.

Integrate with Outlook

Keep file transfers in check

Centrally monitor the status of transfers from the web portal or through email updates.

Transfer status monitoring

Check whether the recipient has received the files and how many times they have downloaded them.

Email notifications

Receive an email notification whenever a transfer task is opened and a file is downloaded or uploaded.

Keep file transfers in check

Administrative features

Manage users and assign privileges from a single, unified console.

User management

Quickly add or remove members from the team. Assign roles to enable users to manage their transfer tasks autonomously.

Transfer policies

Easily comply with corporate regulations by setting policies for each transfer task, including allow or blocklists and shared watermarks.

Administrative features

Security is our top priority

Achieve peace of mind knowing that only you and those you trust can access your private information on C2 Transfer.

End-to-end encryption

All data is protected through AES-256 encryption before it even leaves your device. Data traveling to and stored on C2 servers is fully encrypted, achieving comprehensive protection throughout the entire process.

Designed for security

The key used to encrypt and decrypt data is stored on your devices and is never shared with Synology C2 servers.

Customer stories

See how these organizations achieved more with Synology.

"With C2 Identity, not only can we manage employee accounts more centrally but also set up their devices more easily in less time."

Tong, Office Manager, SAT Knowledge

"C2 Transfer’s end-to-end encryption helps our organization upload confidential files to external servers more securely. In addition, one-time password protection through email or phone further reduces our worries about data leaks."

KL, Product Manager, Ganzin Technology Inc.

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Take no risks with file transfers

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