C2 Backup

C2 Backup

For Individuals

Back up all your Windows devices to the cloud and never lose a file again.

Back up everything

Keep all your data safe by protecting your device completely.

System and software

Protect the tools you use every day by backing up system configurations, user settings, and applications.

Files and folders

Secure multiple versions of documents, photos, videos, and audio files, to restore your work if things go wrong.

External drives

Back up external drives automatically when you plug them in to your PC.

Restore what you need

Continue where you left off with flexible recovery options.

Your entire PC

Bring your PC back to life by performing bare-metal recovery to your main computer or a new one.

A single file or folder

Browse backups using a familiar tree structure to locate and recover only the files or folders you need.

Restore what you need

Manage backups easily

Decide when you want to back up your data and how many backup versions to keep according to your needs.

Flexible retention policies

Take advantage of file versioning and customizable retention policies to help you retain the backups you need while maximizing your available storage.

Scheduled or event-triggered backups

Schedule backup tasks to run at set times or when triggers occur such as when your PC starts up, the screen locks, or when you log out.

Keep your data safe

Guard your backups against unauthorized access and data loss.

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Private key protection

Lock your backups from others with a personal private key.

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Client-side encryption

Protect your data with AES 256-bit encryption before it is uploaded to C2 servers.

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High data resiliency

Your data is protected on servers with 99.9999999% data durability. Learn more

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Select your backup plan

Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available with data residency in Europe, North America, or APAC. Prices shown below do not include VAT.

500 GB2 TB5 TB
Data center

500 GB2 TB5 TB
Data center

Max. number of PCsUnlimited
Full-system backup

infoProtect your entire PC, including your operating system and configurations, installed software, and files.

Incremental backup

infoSave storage space by backing up only data that has changed since your last backup.

Customizable backup schedule Scheduled on a daily/weekly basis or event-triggered (startup, screen lock, or logout)
Bare Metal Recover (BMR)

infoRestore your entire PC to a previous point in time.

File-level recovery

infoRecover specific files or folders.

(Download only)
Windows PCWindows 7 SP1, Windows 10, Windows 11

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Start protecting your data today

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