C2 Identity

C2 Identity

Streamline user identity and access management to boost your organization's security and minimize administrative burdens.

One identity for all corporate resources

Consolidate redundant user accounts and simplify access to Windows and Mac devices, on-premises services, and cloud applications.

Cloud applications

Leverage user account provisioning and single sign-on (SSO) to streamline account creation and authentication while improving security and convenience.

Native integration

Set up integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in just a few clicks to enable SSO and automatic account creation.

Custom app authentication

Add support for SSO through SAML 2.0 to easily meet your organization’s needs with customizable app integration options.

Cloud applications

Bundled with C2 Password

Enjoy C2 Password Business features that come with a Business plan subscription.1

Password security guaranteed

Generate strong passwords that comply with custom password policies using the password generator, reducing cybersecurity risks.

Unlimited number of shared vaults

Create as many shared vaults as needed for your teams to store sensitive items. Passwords stored to shared vaults are kept safe and are accessible only to delegated users.

Seamless login experience

No more copying and pasting. Autofill passwords on websites and devices across web browsers. Extensions are available for major browsers.

Bundled with C2 Password

On-Premises services

Leverage C2 Identity's low-latency hybrid architecture to authenticate on-premises services through an LDAP edge server.

Fast offline authentication

Authenticate services locally through an edge server without connecting to the cloud.

Simple deployment

Deploy an on-premises edge server node using Synology NAS or a Docker container.

On-Premises services

*Users can leverage offline authentication to keep using the service even when internet access is unavailable.

Windows and Mac devices

Install the C2 Identity agent on Windows and Mac devices and let employees access all corporate devices with a single set of credentials.

Fast offline authentication

Authenticate devices locally through the agent without connecting to the cloud.

Unified device management

Provision, monitor, and manage all devices from a centralized console.

Windows and Mac devices

Cross-platform device management

Go beyond identity authentication. Provision and monitor Windows and macOS devices from a single, unified dashboard.

Quick deployment

Manage thousands of devices by installing the C2 Identity agent in bulk via Windows AD.

Mass task execution

Deploy custom scripts across multiple devices to simplify maintenance and software installation. Generate compliance reports, and safeguard sensitive data by remotely shutting down, wiping, or locking devices with C2 Identity.

Cross-platform device management

Efficient user lifecycle management

Access the admin portal from any browser to manage individual or groups of user accounts, devices, and access permissions to all resources.

Flexible access control
Streamlined user onboarding
Seamless login experience

Migrate or integrate with ease

Painlessly migrate to C2 Identity or use it as an extension of your existing directory service.

Windows AD integration

Expand the capabilities of your server by supplementing Active Directory's standard set of features with functionalities such as app authentication and macOS management.

Smooth migration

Migrate users and groups from an LDAP or Windows AD server without resetting user passwords, or import a list of users from a CSV file.

Migrate or integrate with ease

Convenient self-service portal

Free up IT teams' workloads by letting users reset their passwords, configure two-factor authentication (2FA), and customize their profiles.

Convenient self-service portal

Enhanced security

Protect all user credentials on C2 Identity with the Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol and complex password requirements.

Secure credential protection

C2 Identity communicates with clients using SRP, a secure zero-knowledge password protocol. SRP generates a secure encryption key and provides authentication without ever sending password-equivalent data over the network, thereby protecting against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Password protection

Users can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) and time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs) while system administrators can enforce a strict password policy to protect user credentials and user identities.

Enhanced security

Customer stories

See how these organizations achieved more with Synology.

"With C2 Identity, not only can we manage employee accounts more centrally but also set up their devices more easily in less time."

Tong, Office Manager, SAT Knowledge

"C2 Transfer’s end-to-end encryption helps our organization upload confidential files to external servers more securely. In addition, one-time password protection through email or phone further reduces our worries about data leaks."

KL, Product Manager, Ganzin Technology Inc.


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  1. C2 Password Business features are only available with a C2 Identity Business subscription.