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C2 Identity

Secure your organization with centralized identity and device management

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Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available with data residency in the EU, US, or APAC.

Data center

@year@ / year (16.5% off)

or @month@/month

Price does not include VAT.1
Data center

@year@ / year (16.5% off)

or @month@/month

Price does not include VAT.1
Number of usersUp to 250 c2_identity.startTable_td2_1_5_fix
Max. number of cloud applications52500
Max. number of devices102500
Max. number of edge servers

infoEdge servers support on-premises service authentication even without internet connection

Cloud applications integration
Native integrationMicrosoft 365 & Google WorkspaceMicrosoft 365 & Google Workspace
Customized SAML SSO Integration
Shared accounts support

infoNo need to share application accounts and passwords with colleagues. Let users sign in with their company user accounts—which conveniently double as their personal C2 accounts.

Device management
Offline authentication
Remote execution

infoEnforce group policies across devices, including disabling USB storage and configuring lock screen settings.

Password management
C2 Password Business

infoC2 Password Business is specifically designed to add credential management capabilities to C2 Identity deployments and is only available as a part of C2 Identity Business.

Cloud directory
Windows AD integration
Instant directory migration

infoImport from an LDAP server, Windows AD server, or a CSV file.

Flexible access privileges

infoGrant and revoke access to devices and cloud applications through user and group settings.

Identity lifecycle management

infoSeamlessly change user access rules following employee role changes, transfers, or terminations.

Self-service portal

infoSupports self-service password recovery, 2FA configuration, and personal information management.

Secure Remote Password (SRP)
Password strength rules
Auto Block

infoHave accounts automatically blocked after a set number of failed login attempts.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)Time-based one-time password (TOTP) at login and when accessing devices or applications.Time-based one-time password (TOTP) at login and when accessing devices or applications.


How does Synology C2 Identity protect user information?

How can I migrate data from existing directory services?

Additional resources

Check our security white paper, product tutorials, FAQs, and a blog about managing employee accounts.

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