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C2 Transfer

Optimize your file sharing process to be faster, more secure and reliable with our comprehensive file transfer service.

Secure your file transfers today

Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available with data residency in Europe, North America, or APAC.

Data center

@year@ / year (16.5% off)

or @month@ / month

Price does not include VAT.1

@year@ / year (16.5% off)

or @month@ / month

Price does not include VAT.1
Data center

@year@ / year (16.5% off)

or @month@ / month

Price does not include VAT.1

@year@ / year (16.5% off)

or @month@ / month

Price does not include VAT.1
Number of users1 5
(+@plan2_extra1_year@/year or @plan2_extra1_month@/month per additional user)
Max. total file size per transfer20 GB20 GB
Share public links securely with anyone
Create domain allowlists

infoConfigure domain settings to only allow downloads from authorized email domains.

Max. designated recipients per transfer

infoSpecify recipients for each transfer task.

Max. concurrent tasks

infoTasks include file transfers and file requests.

100100 per user
File transfer and request management
Transfer status

infoCheck whether the recipient has received the files and how many times they have downloaded them.

Add watermarks

infoAvailable for JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PDF file formats.

Link expirationUp to 90 daysUp to 365 days
One-time download

infoAllow recipients to download files only once.

Revoke file task access

infoPrevent further access to the files at any time.

Recipient verification

infoReceivers will need to verify their identity using a one-time-password (OTP) sent to a specific email address or phone number in order to download the files.

Email notifications
Microsoft Outlook

infoEmail client plugin for simple and secure file sharing.

Centralized management
User management

infoAdd or remove team members. Assign roles to enable users to manage their transfer tasks autonomously.

Transfer policies

infoCreate and manage allow/block lists of recipients, require users to use specific watermarks, and more.

End-to-end encryption

Frequently asked questions

Can transfer recipients download files without a Synology Account?

How are my transfers secured?

Can I try the service before purchasing a plan?

Additional resources

Check our security white paper, product tutorials, FAQs, and blog posts about online file transfer.

Take no risks with file transfers

  • check30-day free trial.
  • checkNo credit card required.

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