C2 Storage

C2 Storage

For Businesses

Back up your Synology NAS data to the cloud with Hyper Backup or sync requested data between C2 Storage and branch offices using Hybrid Share.

Designed for Synology NAS

C2 Storage for Hyper Backup and Hybrid Share is designed to keep your NAS data protected and available at all times.

One-stop solution

From service consulting and technical support to hardware warranty, Synology is your only contact window.

Transparent pricing

Budget further ahead with flexible monthly or yearly plans. There are no hidden fees or additional costs for data transfer or download. You only pay for the cloud storage.

Protected by powerful encryption

Client-side AES-256 encryption protects your data from unauthorized access before it even leaves your NAS. To access your backups, a password-protected private key is used to keep anyone but yourself from decrypting, accessing, and modifying your data.

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NAS Protection by Hyper Backup

Back up data from Synology NAS to C2 Storage, keeping secured, deduplicated, and version controlled backups on the cloud.

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Cross-site synchronization with Hybrid Share

Hybrid Share connects Synology NAS at branch offices with C2 Storage. All data is kept in the cloud while requested data is streamed to branch offices. Frequently used data is retained in a cache on local NAS, providing fast, low-latency access.

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Reliable data protection with Hyper Backup

Protect your data with advanced features to boost the efficiency and reliability of your backups.

Flexible backups

Schedule backup tasks and retain different versions according to a configurable retention policy.1


Minimize storage consumption and back up times by automatically removing duplicate copies of data.2

Integrity checks

Schedule checks to detect corrupted data and ensure your backups are accessible when you need them.

Fast and flexible recovery

C2 Storage makes it easy to restore files and backups from browser and desktop platforms.

Convenient file-level access anywhere

Access and download files quickly from any browser using only the C2 Storage web portal.

Comprehensive restoration

Access entire backups or individual files from your NAS using Hyper Backup, or from Windows, Mac, and Linux using Hyper Backup Explorer. Learn more

Fast and flexible recovery

C2 Express Box

Start protecting your NAS faster by transferring the initial bulk of your data to C2 Storage with C2 Express Box, a fast and secure way to move large quantities of data. Learn more or contact us for C2 Express Box options.

Customer stories

See how these organizations achieved more with Synology.

— Toni Saura, Councilor of New Technologies, Economy, Employment and Culture of the City of Alaquàs

"It is necessary for us to work with a trustworthy company with proven and credible technological capacity - that is Synology. Thanks to the intuitive deployment process of Synology C2 Storage for Hyper Backup, we revamped our backup policy in just minutes."

— Toni Saura, Councilor of New Technologies, Economy, Employment and Culture of the City of Alaquàs

— Florian Proft, Senior IT System Administrator of Freeletics GmbH

"With Synology C2 Storage for Hyper Backup, our company's steadily growing data can be reliably backed up without compromises today and for the foreseeable future."

— Florian Proft, Senior IT System Administrator of Freeletics GmbH

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  1. Basic Plan provides a fixed rotation policy. Advanced Plan provides a customizable rotation policy.

  2. Deduplication is available only with Advanced Plan. It cuts back storage use by reducing duplicate data across different versions.

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Efficient cross-site synchronization

Hybrid Share lets businesses store large sets of data in the cloud while leveraging the powerful bandwidth of a data center to stream requested data to branch offices. Each office's Synology NAS retains a cache of the most frequently requested files to ensure fast, low-latency access for local users.1

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Keeping teams connected

Keep your important shared files on C2 Storage, ready to be streamed to local Synology NAS at offices and homes around the world whenever users need them. Let employees around the world access the most up-to-date files while maintaining only a modest-sized Synology NAS at each site.

A hybrid approach

A hybrid storage approach enables your business to benefit from higher availability, scalability, and improved productivity with efficient file sharing among remote teams. Achieve more without compromising on performance or security.

Multi-site file sharing

Maintain a reduced onsite storage footprint by requesting only the data you need. Save bandwidth by uploading files once and then letting C2 Storage propagate them to other sites using its fast data center pipelines.

Cache data used locally

Keep frequently used data on your local NAS, allowing users to access files at LAN speeds. Files and folders can also be pinned manually to prevent them from being replaced by newer data when the cache is full.2

Instantly access files

Users can view all data available through Hybrid Share-enabled folders and request any files they need. Files are streamed, providing almost immediate access to smaller files like documents, and fast download of other files, limited only by the speed of your connection.

A hybrid approach

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  1. Hybrid Share is only available for DSM 7.0.1 and above.

  2. File and folder pinning is only available on DSM 7.0.1 and above.

Flexible plans

Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available with data residency in Europe, North America, or APAC. Prices shown below do not include VAT.

Data center


Included in this plan:

Hyper Backup1
  • Daily backups
  • Fixed retention policy2
  • All data stored on C2 servers is protected by AES-256 encryption.


Included in this plan:

Hyper Backup
  • Hourly backups
  • Customizable retention policy 3
  • Data deduplication
Hybrid Share4
  • Multi-site file sharing and syncing
  • Local cache for frequently accessed data
  • File and folder pinning
  • All data stored on C2 servers is protected by AES-256 encryption.

Get started today

C2 Storage plans are designed with affordability and flexibility in mind.

30-day free trial

Each Synology Account can activate a one-time, 30-day free trial. Try all the great features that C2 Storage offers before deciding whether it is the solution for you.

No hidden fees

Synology charges no hidden fees besides the subscription cost. File upload, restoration, browsing, and syncing are always free of charge on your Synology NAS, through the PC client, and using the C2 Storage web portal or Synology Hybrid Share Download Tool.

Flexible usage plan

Storage amount on C2 Storage can be purchased using one Synology Account and shared with multiple Synology NAS, increasing the flexibility of storage use. You can upgrade your C2 Storage plan at any time if more space is needed.

How to activate your 30-day trial

Sign in to DiskStation Manager (DSM) with administrator privileges and install Synology Hyper Backup. Create a backup task and select Synology C2 Storage as the cloud destination. To initialize Hybrid Share, simply create a Hybrid Share folder in DSM Control Panel or convert an existing folder to an Hybrid Share one.

You will be asked to sign in with the Synology Account you wish to use to manage C2 Storage for Hyper Backup or Hybrid Share folders. After login, you may start the 30-day free trial if eligible, or purchase a C2 Storage plan.

For more information, see our step-by-step tutorials for Hyper Backup and Hybrid Share.


  1. Synology C2 Storage for Hyper Backup requires Hyper Backup version 2.2.4-1213 or above. Synology does not guarantee compatibility with DSM or Synology C2 Storage for older versions of Hyper Backup. Synology C2 Storage is not supported in China.

  2. The fixed retention policy keeps 11 backup versions stored over 30 days. Only the size of the source data on Synology NAS counts towards your storage quota.

  3. While all backup versions count towards your storage quota, deduplication eliminates duplicate data across backup versions, saving a considerable amount of space.

  4. Hybrid Share is only available for DSM 7.0.1 and above. File and folder pinning is only available on DSM 7.0.1 and above.