C2 Surveillance is now C2 Backup for Surveillance! This change has been made to better reflect the core offerings and features provided by our robust and secure surveillance footage backup solution.

C2 Backup

for Surveillance

Keep surveillance footage stored on your Synology NAS safe by enabling simultaneous recording to the Synology C2 cloud.

An extra layer of protection

Designed for Surveillance Station on Synology NAS, C2 Backup for Surveillance allows you to retain a remote copy of your security recordings, enabling investigation even if the recording server is stolen or physically damaged.

An extra layer of protection

Cloud-powered convenience

Access and share recordings from anywhere, at any time with the intuitive web portal.

Seamless browsing

Synology C2's powerful data centers ensure snappy online playback while granular filters help you zoom in on key events.

Easy sharing

Generate sharing links with a single click to quickly provide third parties with relevant footage.

Cloud-powered convenience

Keep recordings safe

Client-side AES-256 encryption protects your footage before it ever leaves the recording server. A private key is required for decryption, ensuring no one — not even Synology — can access your recordings without authorization.

Keep recordings safe

Accessible and flexible

Cost-effective plans make C2 Backup for Surveillance adaptable to any scenario, from small-scale residential systems to multi-site surveillance deployments.


Wide compatibility

Secure footage from over 8,300 camera models, leveraging Surveillance Station’s wide camera compatibility.


Granular camera licensing

Flexibility to only sign up IP cameras in the most sensitive areas such as entrances, cash registers, or vault rooms.


Smart recording options

Record continuously, record events only, or have all footage saved at a reduced frame rate, switching to full frame rate when events are detected.

Additional resources

Check out product tutorials and FAQs to get you on your way.

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